If you live in Redmond, WA - We Can Walk Your Dog!!


Every dog owner asks this question:

Who will look after my 4-legged family member when I am hard at work, or playing hard?

Well now you have an answer...

During the day, when you are at work or at play, we can take your favorite friend out for walks, exercise, and fresh air. We can play with them, feed them, and be with them, as you have always wanted the case to be.

We imagine that in the mornings, you are there for your pooch. We also assume that in the late afternoon or early evening when you come home, you are there to play with and exercise your dog.

But it is exactly during the 8 to 12 hours when you are gone and your precious family member is left alone at home, that we can take them out and give them the attention and love you believe they deserve.

Let’s face it...no one should have to hold it for 8 - 12 hours a day...and you no longer have to worry about what 'surprise' might be waiting for you when you get back home after a long day out.

Let us walk your dog

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Call us at 425 - 445 1153

Email us: info@whocanwalkmydog.com

We are a locally owned business right here in Redmond

We are licensed, bonded, and insured



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